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Walking along the Embankment with a LondonEscort

Walking along the Embankment with a LondonEscort

We had a lovely evening in the OXO Restaurant and Bar and then an enjoyable night in the Mondrian hotel and were tired out.  I and my London Escort awoke for a slow smoochy bit of love making before calling room service for breakfast. Breakfast arrives, and we duly refuel from our excesses during the night. We shower and leave the hotel to continue our walk along the embankment towards the East. We soon pass under the road and rail Blackfriars bridges. The first road bridge was built of Portland stone was opened in 1769. This present bridge made of iron replaced the first bridge in 1869.

We are now on our way to the Tate Modern, passing by the Founders Arms pub on the way. This area has had its share of expensive flats built. The Founders Arms is often a pub I stop at for a drink when visiting the Tate, but this was too early in the morning. So, it was on to some art gazing in the Tate. I love the Tate with the huge exhibitions which are placed in the Turbine hall. Some are wacky, like the Crack, which has since been filled in, but is still visible.

The Tate Modern is an excellent place to while away several hours with a London Escort. Looking at the large blank canvases, the pictures by Picasso. One year there was a fantastic photographic exhibition of the New York Subway by Bruce Davidson. Well worth the time walking around this exhibition with a London Escort who is also a keen street photographer. The candour and rawness of the pictures left a lasting impression on me.

Lunch with a London Escort

The Tate Modern is a wonderful place to stop for coffee or lunch. I and my London Escort stopped for lunch in the main cafeteria, (I am not a member of the gallery). After the meal and glass of Pinot Grigio we continued the walk along to the Shakespeare Globe. This is a reconstruction of the original Globe theatre.  Its not actually on the original site, but two hundred meters away. The globe, actresses and harlotry have much in common.

Crossbones Cemetery

Our final location was a shopping spree in the Borough Market, but first a detour to the Crossbones Cemetery. Google maps seems to have sanitised the cemetery and called it Crossbones Gardens and says it is a graveyard for paupers. This cemetery is revered by sex workers and London escorts. The fence outside the cemetery is adorned with ribbons and messages. These are constantly updated and added to. The cemetery was the final resting place for the Winchester Geese. The Winchester Geese were medieval London Escorts licensed by the church pimps, headed up by the chief pimp the Bishop of Winchester. He licensed these sex workers to work in brothels around the Liberty of the Clink. By the time the cemetery closed, 15,000 poor were disposed of here. There is a vigil at 7pm on the 23rd of every month. A time for London Escorts to remember the past.

Now off to happier area, we head back to the Borough Market. A great foody place where you can eat in the myriad of cafes or buy the ingredients for a delicious meal back home. I love to browse and purchase some of the finest British meats, cheese and fresh market produce here. I am like a man in a brothel, my eyes roving and searching out the delicacies on the shelves. There are the cheeses as well, yummy. I often end up at an Oyster restaurant where I recharge my virility. Oysters are known forenhancing the libido in both men and women. They are high in Zinc which is an important mineral in the production of testosterone. Testosterone is a critical hormone which helps regulate and enhance women’s and men’s libido.

The Shard

Having snacked on our Oysters my London Escort and Isufficiently recharged, head to London Bridge, and book into a Shard hotel for the night. Yes, the Oysters worked a treat and we went to bed for a second round of sex. One word of warning, some of the hotel rooms are visible from the neighbouring rooms, so unless you are an exhibitionist, no shagging against the windows.

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